Sunnyside Neighborhood Water System Transfer

PUD water customers in the Sunnyside area of the City of Marysville will start receiving water service directly from the City, instead of the PUD, on or around December 31, 2013. As part of an agreement between the PUD and the City, the PUD will transfer all of its water facilities and customers in the Sunnyside area to the City. This change impacts PUD water customers in Marysville living west of Hwy. 9 and north of Soper Hill Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did the PUD agree to turn over a portion of its water system to the City of Marysville?

The agreement resolved an ongoing dispute between the PUD and the City of Marysville related to overlaps in their claimed service areas that had been going on since 1992. Although the agreement did give the City the right to acquire the overlap area, it limited the scope of that acquisition, stipulated the process and payment for that area, stipulated that the facilities taken over cannot impact the PUD’s overall water system hydraulics, and ensured that the customer’s living in the area would retain the same level of service (pressure, fire flows, water quality).

How many customers are impacted?

The change of service to the City of Marysville will impact about 2,000 PUD customers in Marysville who live west of Hwy. 9 and north of Soper Hill Road.

How will service change for PUD customers when they receive water service from the City?

Customers should see little to no change in the basic level of service (water pressure, fire flows and water quality). In fact, most customers will see their bill go down slightly. Both the PUD and the City are committed to making the transition as seamless as possible.

If I have already paid the connection fees to a vacant lot in the area, will I have to pay again once the system is transferred to the City of Marysville?

No.  If you currently have water service and have paid the General Facilities Charge (GFC) to the PUD, the City will not ask you to pay any additional capital connection charges

Does the City of Marysville offer a low-income discount for water service?

The city offers low-income discounts for both qualifying low-income senior citizens (62 years of age and older) and qualifying low-income disabled citizens. For specific requirements, contact the City of Marysville Customer Service Department.

How many water customers does the PUD have currently?

The PUD now serves about 20,000 retail water customers in the fast-growing section of north Snohomish County.  The customer base is up more than 60 percent from a decade ago.

How is water quality maintained?

Maintaining a safe and reliable water supply is one of the highest priorities for the PUD and the City. To ensure the safety of drinking water, the PUD and the City regularly collect samples throughout their water systems for bacteriological testing in accordance with state and federal regulations.