Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Community College is a 50-acre campus located in Lynnwood, WA. The campus features 28 computer labs, nine science labs, three eateries, two greenhouses, a digital recording theatre, art gallery, and athletic complex. The campus also offers a transit center, residence hall and satellite center for Central Washington University. Edmonds Community College is a leader in providing quality opportunities for learning and service. The College strives to serve the needs of the individual and honor diversity of culture, ethnicity, and thought, offering 11 Associate of Arts degrees, 5 Associate of Science degrees, an Associate of General Studies degree, 33 Associate of Technical Arts degrees, 17 Associate of Applied Science-Transfer degrees and 54 Certificates amongst a variety of disciplines. Edmonds Community College also boasts a Construction Lab, which houses the Construction Industry Training (CIT) department. The facility serves as a training platform for students learning proper techniques for construction, green building technologies, and energy retrofit work and interfaces with the JATC.

The Planet Power Program has installed a picnic-shelter array in the green space adjacent to Snoqualmie Hall, which is grid-tied and provides clean, renewable energy to the campus. The array also serves as the centerpiece of the planned campus rose garden, for the enrichment of all students and faculty. The large array is accompanied by a smaller solar energy system located on the Construction Lab roof. Construction Technology students install and remove the array on the Construction Lab as part of their training curricula and are learning good solar planning, measurement, and installation fundamentals. This training module will also serve as a power source for a rainwater system supporting the Horticultural Culinary Garden. Both systems will also be useful for students in the Energy Management Department and Construction Management Department.

These solar energy projects received 70% of their funding from the PUD’s Planet Power Program and 30% from BEF. Installation was completed in December 2011 by A&R Solar.

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