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Weatherization & Heating Efficiency

So you're considering upgrading or enhancing your home with some energy-efficient features? Great news! For customers with electrically heated homes, the PUD offers options to help you pay for eligible energy-saving home improvements.

Customers who have electric heat and want to install 1) insulation in their floor, ceiling, or walls, 2) insulated windows, 3) a heat pump, and 4) duct sealing & insulation are eligible for PUD cash incentives. The structure can be up to four (4) attached units and three (3) stories in height. Work must be completed by a PUD Registered Contractor. All work must be authorized by the PUD before any work is started.

You also may be eligible for an Energy Smart loan from Snohomish County in addition to PUD cash incentives. See Financing Options below.

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Cash Incentives

Each incentive payment is a one-time-per-measure offer, and the amount depends on the measure installed (see below). All work must be pre-authorized.

Eligible Measures PUD Maximum Incentive
Attic insulation 50 cents per s.f.
Floor insulation 50 cents per s.f.
Wall insulation 50 cents per s.f.
Duct sealing & insulation
     Manufactured homes:
$5 per l.f. up to $450
$200 – single-wide
$400 – double/triple-wide
Glass double metal frame to double-pane (U<=.30) $6.00 / sq. ft.
Glass single-pane to double-pane (U<=.30) $6.00 / sq. ft.
Heat pumps, ducted – air source conversion 9.0 HSPF – $1,500
Heat pumps, ducted – air source upgrade 9.0 HSPF – $600
Heat pumps - geothermal COP 3.2 – $2,000
EER 12
Heat pumps - geothermal with dedicated hot water line COP 3.2 – $2,500
EER 12

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates (click here)

Registered Contractors

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