Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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For Trade Allies

The PUD values its relationships with trade allies. We encourage suppliers and contractors to: have a good knowledge of PUD programs, install eligible equipment in accordance with PUD specifications and actively promote the PUD’s energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs. To help us assure our customers that they will receive a quality installation with good customer service, we are developing a list of registered trade allies who do work under the PUD’s programs.

Benefits to Being a PUD Registered Contractor

As a registered contractor, you will have the following support from the PUD to gain a competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace:

  • Promotional Materials 
  • Advertising
  • Incentives
  • Training
  • Technical Assistance

By promoting PUD energy-efficiency programs and eligible equipment, your sales can increase and your customers will benefit from PUD incentives.

Join the Network

Becoming a Registered Contractor involves a few simple steps. Apply today to receive the benefits from being a PUD registered contractor. Applications and contractor documents are located to the right.

Simple steps:

  • Submit a completed application
  • Submit a signed agreement
  • Submit all required documentation
  • PUD will verify all information 
  • Attend a required contractor orientation meeting (held twice a year) Note: contractors who submit an application will be put on a waiting list and then be contacted when the next meeting is scheduled
  • Your company information will be posted on our online directory if you meet the applicable requirements

What We Require

Our requirements are simple:

  • Install eligible equipment to PUD specifications
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Promote PUD programs and encourage program participation
  • Maintain licenses, insurance, and bond(s)

Performance and eligibility requirements vary by program. Additionally, requirements are updated periodically. Be sure to read and understand the applicable contractor guidelines and to provide your field staff with the applicable requirements and installation criteria.