Multi-Family Conservation Program

Important Notice!

All funds for this program have been committed for 2014; however, we are still accepting applications for 2015 funding.

Attention Property Owners or Property Management Companies:

The PUD's Multi-Family Conservation Program offers financial incentives for the installation of approved energy-saving measures in eligible multi-family residential buildings.

Who is eligible and what type of buildings qualify?

If you own or manage a multi-family residential property in Snohomish County PUD’s service territory, your building may be eligible for this program.

Multi-unit buildings with three or more attached units and up to three stories in height may be eligible. Buildings over three stories will be considered on a case by case basis. All structures must be on a PUD residential electric rate and have an active residential account(s) with the PUD.

What conservation measures qualify?

  • Attic insulation*
  • Wall insulation*
  • Floor insulation*
  • Windows and sliding glass doors*
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Energy Star CFL lighting fixtures
  • Duct sealing and insulation*1
  • Heat pumps*1
  • Common area lighting (commercial multi-unit only)

*Only for electrically heated buildings
1Special restrictions apply

Eligible Measures Maximum PUD
Attic insulation 65¢/sq. ft. In-progress & final
Wall insulation 50¢/sq. ft. In-progress & final
Floor insulation 75¢/sq. ft. Final
Windows (U<=.30):
     - SP to DP
     - Metal DP to
       Vinyl DP

$8/sq. ft.
$6/sq. ft.
Digital electronic
$30 each Optional*
Energy Star
CFL lighting fixtures
$15 each Optional*
Duct sealing &
Contact PUD In-progress & final
Heat pumps Contact PUD Pre-inspection & final
*receipts required
For commercial multi-unit buildings:
Common area lighting Up to 70% of project costs, $15,000 max. N/A

Click here to view requirements for each conservation measure