Jackson Project: Recreation

The recreation sites were opened for public use in the summer of 1991 and have been improved as part of our 2011 relicensing. Our facilities provide access for fishing and boating, hiking, picnicking and public restrooms.

The recreation sites are open from April through October, depending on weather conditions. They are day-use only. You can leave your car overnight only on the east side of the South Shore Site parking lot if you plan to hike in to the DNR's Greider and Boulder Sites for camping.

From the Gateway Site you can hike to our new Culmback Dam Site and across Culmback Dam to our new North Shore Site. From the South Shore Recreation Site, you can hike to our Nighthawk and Bear Creek Recreation Sites. This trail also leads to the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Greider and Boulder Lakes. (View map.)

Please use caution while driving on the roads around Spada Lake Reservoir. Drive slowly and look out for rough road, fallen trees or rocks, and equipment.

Public use and enjoyment of the Jackson Hydroelectric Project recreation and mitigation lands in the Sultan Basin is subject to the regulations established in PUD Directive #73. Click here to view PUD Directive #73 (PDF).

Spada Lake Reservoir & Sultan River Access

Updated 12/18/14

Vehicle access is available on the South Shore Road, which leads to the South Fork and South Shore Sites and the trailhead to Nighthawk and Bear Creek Sites and beyond (view map). The South Shore boat launch is currently closed, while the South Fork boat launch is open. Fishing season at Spada Reservoir is closed. Vehicle access is available on the Culmback Dam Road to the Gateway Trailhead. You can hike or bicycle to the Culmback Dam and North Shore Recreation Sites. 

Please note that vehicle acess to the recreation sites can change, depending on weather and road conditions.

ALERT: All lands north of the Powerhouse West River Access Area Kiosk are closed until June 2015 for safety reasons. This includes the Diversion Dam Road and Old Gaging Station Road. All pedestrian and bicycling activities will be prohibited during closures. You should be prepared with an alternate plan during this time.

PUD property and Recreation Sites are day-use only.

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