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Applying for Net Metering Outside of Solar Express

Your PV System & the Grid

PV systems within the area serviced by the PUD must meet certain requirements in order to be interconnected with the grid. The process begins with the following forms:

  • PUD Interconnection Application
  • Net Metering Agreement

Both are available at right

Federal Tax Credits

An Investment Tax Credit of 30% is available on the purchase and installation cost of PV systems placed in service before December 31, 2019.

Net Metering

Net metering policy in WA is designed to let Customer-Generators offset their electricity consumption with solar energy production on an annual basis. If you use more energy than you produce during a given bill period, you pay the PUD for your NET purchase. If you produce more energy than consumption associated with minimum energy charges in a given bill period, your net excess generation is monetized and “banked” in your net metering reserve. 

The net metering reserve allows you to “roll over” credit from net metering to apply to energy charges in another bill period. Per state law, net metering reserve credit expires on April 30 of each year. The PUD does not compensate customers this excess generation, and customers may not “donate” their excess generation to other PUD customers. This is why we recommend you size your PV system to generate no more than your average annual use.

WA State Production Incentives

The Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program is a production-based incentive program. The PUD administers this program to qualifying customers. The amount each participant earns depends on the type of equipment installed and the amount of energy produced. There are limits per participant and in total incentives paid per utility each fiscal year. The program is subject to change by state action at any time and is scheduled to end on June 30, 2020. For more information about the program, please click here. You can also learn more by visiting this website.

To participate, the customer named on the PUD account must own their property and PV system, and must have the system certified by the WA Department of Revenue. Submit the WA State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification form to the Department of Revenue along with all required documentation. Once you receive your certification letter from DOR, submit a copy to the PUD.

Once PUD has record of your system’s certification, we will administer the Production Incentive Credit annually.

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Click here to read more about how the PUD administers the State Production Incentive

The PUD prepares annual incentive applications for all certified customers. This lets customers know how much renewable energy was produced and metered by their system during the fiscal year as well as the total incentive amount they qualify for. Customers should receive this information by late July. Customers will need to respond to the PUD with their acceptance (we’ll provide instructions and allow for both electronic and paper communications). When the PUD receives the accepted application back from the customer, we credit the customer for the lump sum of fiscal year incentives. Customers may cash out their full credit or leave it on their account to pay down future PUD charges.

The PUD reports to the state the total amount of Production Incentive credits given to customers for each fiscal year and takes a credit on their Public Utility Tax equal to that amount.