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Participating in Solar Express

Applying for a Solar Express Incentive

When you’re ready to begin, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Get a site assessment to determine if your home/business is a good candidate for solar. (Contact one of our registered contractors.)
Step 2 Get one or more project bids from a PUD-Registered Solar Contractor.
Step 3 Select a bid and work with the installer to submit a Solar Express application to the PUD.
Step 4 The PUD will schedule and conduct a pre-installation inspection to confirm your eligibility.
Step 5 The PUD issues an Approval to Construct letter and authorization of Solar Express funds.
Step 6 Proceed with the solar installation as approved, following all local codes and permitting requirements.
Step 7 After your electrical permit has been finalized, submit the Notice of Completion to the PUD.
Step 8 PUD conducts final inspection and sets new solar meters.
Step 9 PUD executes your Net Metering agreement and issues the Solar Express incentive payment.
Step 10 If intending to participate in the state's production incentive program, submit the WA State Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Certification form to the WA Department of Revenue. When you receive a certification letter back from the DOR, send a copy to the PUD. 

Selecting an Installer

To be eligible for a Solar Express cash incentive, your system must be installed by a PUD registered solar contractor. 

When choosing a contractor/installer, you should consider the following:

  • How much and what type of solar experience do they have?
  • What references do they provide?
  • What types of warranties, in addition to PUD requirements, and maintenance agreements do they offer?
  • Do they work with specific suppliers or components that are important to you?

Once you have the bid(s) be sure that they are based on similar system and design criteria.

PUD Registered Solar Installers

Because of Restraint of Trade restrictions placed on public utilities, Snohomish County PUD cannot recommend or endorse any individual installer who appears on the list, which can be accessed via the "Solar Contractors" links to the right.

PUD Registered Solar Contractors

If a contractor not on this list claims to be a PUD-Registered Contractor, call our Energy Hotline to verify.

Filling out a Solar Express Application

Solar Express Application image (click to view)  

For assistance in filling out a Solar Express Application, click on the document above. It's an example of a perfectly done form.

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