Stanwood Energy Challenge

16 businesses. 2 teams. 5 months.

Which team of power players will eliminate the most energy waste?

The average commercial building in the US wastes up to 30% of the energy the business inside pays for. From February 3 to June 30, 2014, these two teams of community-leading businesses are competing to see which can do the most to stop that waste.

Their efforts will pay off in best practices and insights that will benefit the entire community. At the same time they’re hoping to have some fun and put Stanwood on the energy-efficiency map!

Current Standings:

You can get more detail about the Stanwood Energy Challenge and get tips on how to reduce energy waste in your own business by clicking here (Flash compatible browser required).

The Watt Watchers:

The Stanwood C-Hawks:

Stanwood C-Hawks

Watt Watchers

Program Manager

Laura McCrae