Carl Gipson Senior Center

The Carl Gipson Senior Center of Everett is operated by the City of Everett and is a regional center providing meals and a variety of programs to captivate the region’s age 50+ population. The center operates 6 days per week. Seniors use the center to enjoy an environment with opportunities for continued learning, social interaction, and medical services geared toward optimum health through awareness, exercise, and positive attitude. Approximately 200 people and 3 resident cats meet at the center daily for various activities and to volunteer. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute presented by the UW offers college level classes and the center was recently expanded and remodeled. 

The Planet Power solar array provides a unique learning opportunity for the seniors who utilize the center and also provides power to the center’s computer lab and two Wii tournament stations. The 4 kW array is located on the center’s south-facing parapet wall and is visible from the nearby bus stop and sidewalk. The array also features an interactive kiosk, which is located in the senior center’s multi-purpose room and displays the real-time system data, weather data, and information about our regional renewable energy resources. The array received 90% of its funding from the PUD’s Planet Power Program and 10% from BEF.  Installation was completed on 12/20/11 by NW Wind & Solar.

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