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Previous Mini-Grant Winners

We congratulate the following recipients and thank all who presented their ideas for consideration.

Grants Funded for 2014-2015 School Year


Arlington School District

  • Kent Prairie Elementary, Nikki Brooks, 5th grade
    This grant will be used to purchase circuit kits that will allow students to expand their understanding of energy using real life scenarios and hands-on examples of electrical circuits.

Everett School District

  • Cedar Wood Elementary, Mark Smith, K-5th grade
    This grant will be used to develop an electronic book library of nonfiction energy books. Students will learn what energy is, how it can be used and how to conserve it, which will support student learning of state standards in both reading and science.

Lake Stevens School District

  • Highland Elementary, Rebecca Fuentes, 5th grade
    Using special kits, students will review new science and engineering practices by using the pieces to build different structures. Students will demonstrate what they’ve learned by creating videos of their structures that show energy transfers and how renewable energy sources work.

Marysville School District

  • Sunnyside Elementary, Chris McFall, 5th grade
    This grant will be used to purchase circuit kits to enrich the current electricity curriculum. These kits will challenge students to explore engineering and building solutions for real world problems, which are emphasized in new science standards.

Mukilteo School District

  • Discovery Elementary, Laurie James, 4th grade
    This solar power project will enhance students’ knowledge of photovoltaics through an exercise to construct a small object using solar as the energy source.
  • Voyager Middle School, David Watt, 8th grade
    For a culminating class project, students will take a field trip to the PUD’s Jackson Hydroelectric Project to learn how electricity is generated, its environmental impact and the considerations that were considered in its planning and construction. The field trip also will allow students to see possible career opportunities in the energy and engineering fields.

Northshore School District

  • Shelton View Elementary, Christy Freiks, K-6th grade
    The Exploring Science Night, sponsored by the PTA, will provide an opportunity for students to examine a variety of energy concepts, including circuits, machines and renewable energy. The event will inspire students to participate in the spring science fair. 

Snohomish School District

  • Emerson Elementary, Kim Moritz, 3rd grade
    Students will place solar lights in the school’s butterfly garden to conduct experiments about plant growth using solar energy. They’ll also discover how solar energy works and the ways it’s a good energy source for the planet.
  • Seattle Hill Elementary, Brea Dormaier, 4th grade
    After studying the salmon lifecycle and environmental impacts on salmon, students will get a firsthand experience raising salmon from the egg stage until their release in a local stream. The goal is to inspire students to consider ways to help protect salmon.


Lake Stevens School District

  • Hillcrest Elementary, Darlene Moe, 3rd grade
    Students will take a field trip to the Adopt a Stream Foundation to learn about our ecosystem, the life of a salmon, the importance of water conservation and how each of us has a positive or negative impact on our local waters. Students will, in turn, become more aware about how they use water and what they can do to keep our water clean.

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