Previous Mini-Grant Winners

We congratulate the following recipients and thank all who presented their ideas for consideration.

Grants Funded for 2013-2014 School Year


Arlington School District

  • Kent Prairie Elementary, Donnica Farnsworth, 5th grade
    Students will build solar cars and test variables to determine the efficiency of their cars. The project will help expand student’s knowledge of electricity, appreciation for energy conservation and understanding of solar energy’s great potential in our world. 

Everett School District

  • Woodside Elementary, Joan Litzkow, K-5th grade
    As part of their library lessons, students will use STEM problem solving to research solutions to electricity and renewable energy issues. They will then build models to prove their solutions will work. It will reinforce that renewable energy is an important option for meeting our energy needs.

Lakewood School District

  • Lakewood Middle School, Patti Buchanan, 6th grade
    Using wind turbine kits, students will work collaboratively using the engineering design process and the scientific method to design, build, test and improve their models. Through the project, they’ll figure out how to maximize the power output of a wind turbine to harness wind energy.

Marsyville School District

  • Totem Middle School, Cindy Vetter, 6th grade
    During a science enrichment class, which focuses on engineering and design, students will construct solar powered cars. A hands-on project that teaches about alternative energy, it also will include car races that will be televised on the school’s TV station.

Mukilteo School District

  • Voyager Middle School, James Sparks, 8th grade
    Students will take a field trip to the Jackson Hydroelectric Project to learn how electricity is generated and distributed. They’ll learn the environmental considerations that were considered in its planning and construction. 

Northshore School District

  • Shelton View Elementary, Christy Freriks, K-6th grade
    The Exploring Science Night, sponsored by the PTA, will provide an opportunity for students to examine a variety of energy concepts.  Students will learn about circuits, machines and renewable energy sources using a variety of Lego and Snap Circuit kits.

Snohomish School District

  • Centennial Middle School, Lori Strickland, 7th grade
    Students will determine the energy efficiency of different electrical appliances by collecting data from different devices when they are on and off using Kill-a-Watt meters. This project will empower students to explore and analyze their own energy consumption.
  • Seattle Hill Elementary, Ryan Painter, 4th grade
    Using a variety of kits, students will learn about how energy is generated, how is used and how it impacts our environment.  These curriculum support materials will allow students to get a hands-on look into how we are working towards a more sustainable future with renewable energy.

Sultan School District

  • Sultan High School, David Cavanaugh, 10th-12th grade
    Using a wind turbine, students in the Sustainable Green Design class will design and construct the transmission and charging infrastructure to build a wind powered computer/personal electronic/USB charging station. They will document the process and log the energy output over time.


Lake Stevens School District

  • Hillcrest Elementary, Darlene Moe, 3rd grade
    Students will take a field trip to the Adopt a Stream Foundation to learn about our local ecosystem and the importance of water conservation. They will, in turn, become more aware about how they use water and what they can do to keep our water clean.

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