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Efficient Appliances

Efficient clothes washer rebates are back!

$50 mail-in rebates are available for efficient clothes washers that meet the following criteria:
  • Modified Energy Factor (MEF) greater than or equal to 3.2*
  • Water Factor (WF) less than or equal to 3.01

Download the list of qualifying models to ensure your purchase meets the requirements (see link to the right).

Note: not all Energy Star qualified models are eligible for a rebate, only those with qualifying MEF AND WF levels. Check the list to be sure!

To apply for the efficient clothes washer mail-in rebate, download the form and follow instructions (see link to the right).

Remember! The rebate application must be mailed to the address listed on the form, not the PUD.  

If you have questions about your application or rebate status, please call 1-877-805-4818 (toll-free) or visit

Offer valid 3/1/14-12/31/15.

* The higher the MEF, the more efficiently the clothes washer uses electricity.
† The lower the WF, the more efficiently the clothes washer uses water.

Where can I find a qualified efficient clothes washer?

Almost anywhere appliances are sold. Here are the retailers within Snohomish County:

  • Albert Lee of Lynnwood
  • Best Buy
  • Conklin's Appliance World
  • Costco
  • Home Depot
  • Judd & Black
  • Lowe's
  • Navy Exchange
  • Sears
  • Seattle Home Appliance Center

What makes a washer more efficient? ENERGY STAR-labeled washers have a high Modified Energy Factor (MEF) and a low Water Factor (WF). MEF is a measurement of energy efficiency that considers the energy used by the washer, the energy used to heat the water, and the energy used to run the dryer. The higher the MEF, the more energy-efficient the clothes washer. WF measures water efficiency in gallons of water consumed per cubic foot of capacity. The lower the WF, the more water-efficient the clothes washer.

Why not dryers? There is not an ENERGY STAR label for clothes dryers because most dryers use similar amounts of energy. While ENERGY STAR does not label dryers, you can reduce your dryer's energy use by choosing a model with a moisture sensor. This feature automatically shuts off the machine when clothes are dry, which saves energy and reduces wear and tear on your clothes caused by over-drying.

Benefits of a premium efficient clothes washer:

  • IT’S LIKE GETTING A DRYER FOR FREE! – An efficient clothes washer will save you about $50 a year in energy costs. Over the lifetime of your new washer, that’s enough to pay for a new dryer!
  • WHO DOESN’T LIKE A TIME SAVER? – Without a bulky agitator, there is more room for clothes. More capacity means fewer loads of laundry each week!
  • LONG LIVE YOUR CLOTHES! – Agitators really punish your clothes, wearing them out faster. Wash them gently and thoroughly in qualified efficient models. Many will even safely clean silk, wool and other fine washables.


The PUD does not currently offer rebates for purchasing efficient refrigerators or dishwashers.

The PUD recommends purchasing ENERGY STAR refrigerators and dishwashers because they use energy more efficiently and save you money in the long-run.

For more information about the benefits of using ENERGY STAR appliances (including lists of qualified models), please visit the ENERGY STAR website at

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