Incentives for Energy-Efficient New Construction

Building a new facility beyond code minimum requirements can be achieved in many ways. A significant reduction of a building’s lifetime energy consumption can be achieved within the initial building design process. To help reduce the capital cost(s), the PUD pays incentives up to 100% of additional/incremental cost for energy-efficient measures not already required by code. Along the way, the PUD provides your project team with technical advice to help ensure that the project delivers expected energy savings. To learn more, click on our Participation Process.  


Energy performance must exceed the current WA State Energy Code (Commercial) requirements by at least 10%.

Customers must submit an Application and required documents (as listed in the workbooks) and obtain project authorization from the PUD prior to beginning the project.

LED lamps and/or fixtures must on one of the approved lists: Lighting Design Lab (LDL), Energy Star & the Design Lights Consortium found here.

Incentive Rates:

Project Type

Incentive Rate


Lighting Fixtures and Lighting Controls:
Ballasts • Controls • Other

10¢ - 23¢ per annual kWh savings

15¢ per annual kWh savings for controls

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HVAC Rebates:
Air-cooled Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners


See Fillable Forms

HVAC Unitary Equipment:
Heat Pumps
• Air Conditioners • Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP) • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) Chillers • Other 

20¢ - 25¢ per annual kWh savings


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Other HVAC Equipment:
Variable Speed Fans and Pumps
• EC Motors• Cooling Tower Improvements • Heat Recovery • Free Cooling • Other

10¢ - 20¢ per annual kWh savings

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Building Envelope: (electric heating only):
Glazing • Insulation • Other

20¢ per annual kWh savings

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Process System Improvements:
Compressed Air
Pumping • Refrigeration • Motors • Variable Flow Strategies Other

Process Improvement

EnergySmart Grocer:
Refrigeration measures in grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants.

EnergySmart Grocer

Commercial Kitchen Equipment:
Icemakers • Steam Cookers • Dishwashers • Other

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Photovoltaic • Solar Hot Water Heating • Other

Solar Express Program

Rates may change without notice. Funding may be limited by the PUD’s conservation budget.

Getting Started Fill out an Application and email it to, and we will contact you. Please contact us with any questions about your project.