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Customer Renewables

Does solar energy really work in Western Washington? Absolutely! Snohomish PUD customers are tapping into the power of the sun in greater numbers every year. To support the installation of solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) systems in our service territory, we offer:

  • Free information and expert advice
  • Cash incentives for qualifying Solar Express projects

  • A list of PUD-Registered Solar Contractors
  • Net Metering and the administration of State Renewable Energy Production Incentives

Over 7 Megawatts of Customer-Owned Solar Energy

(Sept. 2016)

Map of Solar Installations in Our Service Territory

Solar FAQs on WA Production Incentive PDF (click to open)

Solar power is an exciting renewable energy source with many benefits. Before you make your final decision on whether it is the right choice for you, here are four important things to consider:

  1. Solar systems are coming down in cost as the market evolves. 
  2. All rates and rebates currently offered by the PUD are subject to change. 
  3. PUD currently administers the Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program. This is a complex state program with no certainty or guarantee on the value of a customer’s future production incentive payment or rate. This program is subject to individual and utility limits, as well as to change at any time by the Washington State Legislature.
  4. Solar issues and solar bills are complicated! It can take a great deal of self-study for customers. We work to keep our web site up-to-date with information on solar as a resource but the utility is only one of the sources customers may need to refer to in order to stay fully informed.

How Can We Help?

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